Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Re Gluing sanding belt joints

We have many people calling us asking if we would sell tape so they can re glue their sanding belts that are old and breaking at the seams. This is the process we use.

 The belt joint is scuffed to rough up the surface. Then we apply a two part glue. After the glue is semi dry we apply a frozen tape. The tape has to remain frozen until just before use. Then the joint is hot pressed under 20 tons at about 350 degrees.

As you can tell it is not as easy as just gluing and taping a seam. In most cases if you try it at home it will just be a waste of time. If you have long and expensive belts that need re gluing call us at Econaway Abrasives.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Econaway Abrasives makes 2 x 28" Abrasive Sanding Belts for your Craftex or Eastwood belt sander

We have recently been getting a lot of orders for 2 x 28" sanding belts. We have several grit sizes on the shelf but you can order any grit type and grain size from our secure site at If you need application help don't hesitate to ask.